Is your Skin looking aged? Get the best tightening treatment from us!

Glowing and radiant skin is what everyone loves. And it is not something they want in their youth but also throughout their life. Sometimes, having wrinkled skin or aging skin causes mental depression and anxiety in a lot of people and that is why Almeka Medical Centre offers the best skin tightening facial that will keep your skin young and fresh, throughout.

Why choose Almeka?

Almeka Medical Centre is a well-known skin clinic that provides excellent treatment for aesthetic and cosmetic problems. With advanced laser treatments and perfect solutions, Almeka Medical Centre assures a perfect skin for a perfect life.

Skin tightening facial

The skin tightening treatment at Almeka Medical Centre treats the aging skin. E-Two sublime machines are used for the skin tightening treatment at Almeka. The sagging of the skin is caused by the rapid reduction in the Collagen type I and Collagen type II insoluble fibers. This fibrous protein in the extracellular matrix keeps the skin firm.  The reduction occurs over time due to free radicals, UV rays, chlorinated water, pollution, and smoking.

Under the skin tightening treatment in Almek, the sagging of the skin is reduced by the sublime procedure.  The deep dermis is heated down and thus the collagen undergoes contracture and denaturation. This leads to the formation of new collagen. The old collagens are replaced with new fibers. This gives the skin a smoother appearance. The skin tightening facial gives you a less wrinkled skin with radiant looks

With Alemka Medical Centre, do not worry about your looks. We have got the complete solutions to all your issues and we assure you an insecure free life with the best laser treatments that will not only give you greater looks but will also boost your confidence.



Beauty at risk? AMC provides you Face Rejuvenation

Face rejuvenation has been a highly demanded treatment as people always crave for excess and eternal beauty. Almeka Medical center provides diverse treatment methods that solve almost every facial problem like acne, scars, patches, wrinkles, hair removal etc. Every problem is treated here with the most recent methods of treatment. AMC has a solution for every skin problems you face in your daily life.

We provide different approaches and methods according to the needs and requirements of the customer:

  • Oxypeel with Puruvex peel ( combination of 40% Pyruvic acid and 10% Lactic acid)

Here the peel treatment with six sessions is continued once in every three weeks.

  • Radiofrequency fractional

The treatment is conducted every month of six sessions with E-two RF fractional machine. The treatment covers the full face.

  • Ia1-system and Ia1-system ACP

The treatment uses autocross linked Hyaluronic acid. It is done by injections on the full face. 2or 3 sessions of treatment are done according to the skin conditions.


Made from mesoestetic Spain, it is completely applied on the full face and leave it for 8-10 hours. It is should be maintained in the home by COSMELAN 2.

How to identify whether you need face rejuvenation?

You have to do the mirror test to identify whether you need face rejuvenation. Stand in front of a mirror and observe your face and features. Decide yourself about the changes you need to make in your face first.

You may undergo face rejuvenation only if you are in good health condition psychologically, physically and mentally.  If you decide to undergo plastic surgery, you have to keep your body and immune system in order to avoid complications. Facial rejuvenation is an ideal way if you desire for a complete face transformation for bringing out a stunning look.

Brighten your life with Professional Energy C Brightening Treatment

Money and beauty are the two factors which people are never satisfied with. Energy C brightening treatment is the exceptional choice you can prefer for this! This is the most flexible and effective professional treatment particularly for face and neck using the combination of highly illuminating and antioxidant products along with an impactful energizing massage technique.

Energy C brightening treatment has the capacity to neutralize the free radicals and helps in regenerating the cell membrane. When applied just before you go to the exposure of sunlight, vitamin C stimulates and acts as a biological photo protector. The usage of Vitamin C not only brightens your face but improves pigmented zit scars and prevents the development of dark spots.

The Energy C brightening treatment Protocol

  1. Graithing the skin for the process of Energy C brightening treatment: Cleanse and tone up the skin of face and neck using hydra milk cleanser and hydra tonic.
  2. The exclusive message: ready the mixture for massage by making a suspension of 3 doses of the facial massage cream with a single dose of energy C serum. Gently heat in the hands spread the product in the areas and start maneuvering in detail according to the energizing massage protocol.
  3. Enhancing the result: Take two pieces of energy C crystal fiber mask out. Priory applies the piece to the face. Then spread it towards the neck, adapting the placement to an anatomic shape. Leave it for 20 minutes.
  4. Finishing touch: until it gets fully absorbed; massage the content of one dose facial massage cream thoroughly. Complete Energy C brightening treatment by the final application of moisturizing sun protection.
  5. Home pack: The pack is combined with a bottle of energy C intensive cream to continue and maintain the treatment results obtained once the treatment in the clinic is over. The pack helps to sustain the result of Energy C brightening treatment.

Everything to know about Botox Treatment

Wrinkles and worried? Feeling old and shady?  Giving it all up?  Well, don’t think it is time to just settle into depression.

You’ve got a perfect way to remain young and beautiful. Always. Botox Treatment at Almeka Medical Centre! You would love the way you look because they have such fascinating results.

Aging and wrinkling have been major factors that people are so conscious and insecure about. Anti-aging treatments have been a savior to all those grieving and Almeka have made thousands smile.

Botox treatment is one of the best anti-aging treatments. Almeka uses Botox, a purified protein material which is being used for more than five decades for medical purposes and it is tried and tested for their wrinkle treatment.

Due to facial expressions and their continuous muscle contractions over long periods of time, wrinkles are formed. But do not panic, Almeka to the rescue! With their Botox treatment is ensured that you get a young and radiant skin and can forever be in your youth. In the treatment, the overactive nerve impulses are blocked by Botox resulting in the extreme muscle contractions reducing the wrinkles. Injecting the Botox relaxes the muscle and softens wrinkles and the surrounded untreated muscles contract in a normal fashion.

Botox treatment is the top non-surgical cosmetic procedure with a long-term safety for 20 years and it provides great and dramatic results with everything reversible and no permanent effect.

With Botox treatment, you can ensure a beautiful skin and a happy mind. It is definitely going to break your walls of insecurity and let you be bold and confident. With Almeka to help you, there is no need or any worries because they have it all handled.  Your beautiful skin and a happy you is all Almeka believes in. Trust us and stay carefree. We promise the best of you.