Some consider black moles beautiful while some find it really ugly on their face. Though it is considered as a beauty mark, some consider moles as something that curtails their beauty. But do not worry or build up your insecurity ‘cause Almeka Medical Center has the best treatment for your black moles on the face. With the laser treatment for black moles on your face, get a mark-free glowing skin which you are proud of and be in the spotlight. You no longer have to worry about your face as Almeka has got it all covered.

Why Almeka?

Almeka Medical Center is a leading skin specialist center with the latest and advanced technologies, providing the best treatment for your skin. With everyone around the world stressing over their looks and skin, it is important to take care of yours. There is a much higher rate of insecurity with people regarding their skin and the looks and that is where Almeka Medical Center plays a vital role. With expert cosmetic dermatologists and innovative technology, Almeka Medical Center guarantees the best skin conditions for you and offers the skin and looks of your dream. Live an insecure free life with Almeka Medical Center.

Treating black moles on the face at Almeka Medical Center

At Almeka, the black mole removal treatment is done using the Co2 laser machine. With single sessions or double sessions, the moles are removed, effectively. Once the treatment is done, the moles completely disappear and within a few days, the skin regains its normal color. Medicines are prescribed for support with no maintenance sessions. Treating your black moles at Almeka guarantees you an insecure free and mark free skin. It is time for you to flaunt your flawless skin.


Remove unwanted hairs from your body! Try Nd YAG laser

Unwanted hairs always make us shy in public places. It can be inconvenient as well due to the hygienic factors. Even though there are numerous techniques like shaving and waxing, they won’t last long or might be dangerous at times. Almeka introduces laser treatment for getting rid of this inconvenience. It is applicable in removing hair from any part of your body. Laser hair removal treatment is a long-lasting treatment which is also a permanent solution for this. Almeka me4dical center uses an Nd YAG laser machine for this laser hair removal treatment. Laser technology has become a revolution in the cosmetology sector with the arrival of the advanced laser machine.

What is Laser Hair Removal Treatment exactly?

Laser hair removal treatment is a process of removing unwanted hair using a laser, which is an intense and pulsating beam of light. The process is done when a beam of light passes through the skin towards a single hair follicle. The future hair growth is also slowed down as the laser emits light with strong heat that damages the hair follicle.

Even if the laser treatment slows down the hair growth, it does not mean the hair will not grow at all but 80-90% of hair reduction will take place. It normally takes various hair removal treatments to get a long period without these unwanted hair growths. For this periodic maintenance treatment will be needed. Another two factors that influence the laser hair removal treatment is hair color and skin type of the person. Because the treatment is more effective for the people of light skin and dark hair as the laser beam focuses on the pigments of hair. By the advancement in technology, laser hair removal has become a better option for people with dark skin as well.

Is your Skin looking aged? Get the best tightening treatment from us!

Glowing and radiant skin is what everyone loves. And it is not something they want in their youth but also throughout their life. Sometimes, having wrinkled skin or aging skin causes mental depression and anxiety in a lot of people and that is why Almeka Medical Centre offers the best skin tightening facial that will keep your skin young and fresh, throughout.

Why choose Almeka?

Almeka Medical Centre is a well-known skin clinic that provides excellent treatment for aesthetic and cosmetic problems. With advanced laser treatments and perfect solutions, Almeka Medical Centre assures a perfect skin for a perfect life.

Skin tightening facial

The skin tightening treatment at Almeka Medical Centre treats the aging skin. E-Two sublime machines are used for the skin tightening treatment at Almeka. The sagging of the skin is caused by the rapid reduction in the Collagen type I and Collagen type II insoluble fibers. This fibrous protein in the extracellular matrix keeps the skin firm.  The reduction occurs over time due to free radicals, UV rays, chlorinated water, pollution, and smoking.

Under the skin tightening treatment in Almek, the sagging of the skin is reduced by the sublime procedure.  The deep dermis is heated down and thus the collagen undergoes contracture and denaturation. This leads to the formation of new collagen. The old collagens are replaced with new fibers. This gives the skin a smoother appearance. The skin tightening facial gives you a less wrinkled skin with radiant looks

With Alemka Medical Centre, do not worry about your looks. We have got the complete solutions to all your issues and we assure you an insecure free life with the best laser treatments that will not only give you greater looks but will also boost your confidence.


Easily remove any permanent tattoo by our safest laser treatment!

Regretting your tattoo or having a bad memory that you would like to take off? Do not stress much! The laser tattoo removal services offered by Almeka Medical Centre assures you the removal of your permanent tattoo safely and easily.

Tattooing has become a very common thing in the present day and almost half of the population comes up with new tattoos every time. But there are instances where they do not like it or finds the tattoo not worth it. But since it is a permanent mark, it can make them sad, depressed or even aggressive.

Why Almeka?

Almeka is a leading skin treatment clinic that provides numerous skin treatments to assure a glowing and radiant skin for its patients. With specialized doctors, experts and advanced technology in the field, Alemka offers top class skin treatment services. The Q- switched Nd YAG laser removal treatment in Almeka Medical Centre gives you a clean and clear skin.

Laser tattoo removal services

With the Q- switched Nd YAG lasers at Almeka Medical Centre, the tattoos can be removed and within a few days the skin will become clear of ink and will be clean and smooth. For some cases, additional sittings may be required( depends on the tattoo).

At the Almeka Medical Centre, get the best treatment for removing your tattoo and having clear skin. You can choose to get a new tattoo or just live without one; Almeka is always at your service. The laser tattoo removal services at Almeka Centre helps in the clean removal of permanent tattoos that assures you a greater relief. Say goodbye to the tattoos you dislike and get yourself a better one or keep your skin free of tattoos; all you need is to take up the laser tattoo removal treatment at Almeka Medical Centre.

Beauty at risk? AMC provides you Face Rejuvenation

Face rejuvenation has been a highly demanded treatment as people always crave for excess and eternal beauty. Almeka Medical center provides diverse treatment methods that solve almost every facial problem like acne, scars, patches, wrinkles, hair removal etc. Every problem is treated here with the most recent methods of treatment. AMC has a solution for every skin problems you face in your daily life.

We provide different approaches and methods according to the needs and requirements of the customer:

  • Oxypeel with Puruvex peel ( combination of 40% Pyruvic acid and 10% Lactic acid)

Here the peel treatment with six sessions is continued once in every three weeks.

  • Radiofrequency fractional

The treatment is conducted every month of six sessions with E-two RF fractional machine. The treatment covers the full face.

  • Ia1-system and Ia1-system ACP

The treatment uses autocross linked Hyaluronic acid. It is done by injections on the full face. 2or 3 sessions of treatment are done according to the skin conditions.


Made from mesoestetic Spain, it is completely applied on the full face and leave it for 8-10 hours. It is should be maintained in the home by COSMELAN 2.

How to identify whether you need face rejuvenation?

You have to do the mirror test to identify whether you need face rejuvenation. Stand in front of a mirror and observe your face and features. Decide yourself about the changes you need to make in your face first.

You may undergo face rejuvenation only if you are in good health condition psychologically, physically and mentally.  If you decide to undergo plastic surgery, you have to keep your body and immune system in order to avoid complications. Facial rejuvenation is an ideal way if you desire for a complete face transformation for bringing out a stunning look.


Sagged skin pulling you back and making you feel insecure? Do not worry much. With Almeka Medical Center, bid goodbye to all your worries regarding your sagged skin. We got the perfect treatment for tightening your skin. We guarantee you a young and radiant skin and free you from your insecurities.  Our skin tightening treatment helps to remove the wrinkles by tightening the skin and provides a smooth and clear skin. We do not fail to help you overcome your insecurities.

FDA and CE approved skin tightening procedures are used at Almeka Medical Center for skin tightening. We use e- Two sublime machines from Syneron Israel, which has radio frequency. By the age of 40, Collagen (type I and type III) – insoluble fibrous protein in the extracellular matrix which is responsible for the firmness of the young skin gets rapidly reduced due to chlorinated rays, UV rays, smoking free radicals and pollution. This leads to the sagging of the skin.

In the skin tightening treatment at Almeka, new collagen is formed in the sublime procedure. Collagen contracture and denaturation is caused by the heat down the deep dermis. New fibers take over old collagens. These are more compact and better organized. It provides a less wrinkled and smoother skin making you look younger and radiant.

Say goodbye to the days of worrying over the wrinkles and saggy skin. You no longer have to worry about not having the perfect skin or perfect smile or having a very saggy skin. Almeka Medical Center ensures you and your skin a happy life. With the skin tightening treatment, you no longer have to feel insecure about imperfections.  Beat down your insecurities with Almeka Medical Center. Connect with us to have a smooth and young skin and stay radiant. Always!

Brighten your life with Professional Energy C Brightening Treatment

Money and beauty are the two factors which people are never satisfied with. Energy C brightening treatment is the exceptional choice you can prefer for this! This is the most flexible and effective professional treatment particularly for face and neck using the combination of highly illuminating and antioxidant products along with an impactful energizing massage technique.

Energy C brightening treatment has the capacity to neutralize the free radicals and helps in regenerating the cell membrane. When applied just before you go to the exposure of sunlight, vitamin C stimulates and acts as a biological photo protector. The usage of Vitamin C not only brightens your face but improves pigmented zit scars and prevents the development of dark spots.

The Energy C brightening treatment Protocol

  1. Graithing the skin for the process of Energy C brightening treatment: Cleanse and tone up the skin of face and neck using hydra milk cleanser and hydra tonic.
  2. The exclusive message: ready the mixture for massage by making a suspension of 3 doses of the facial massage cream with a single dose of energy C serum. Gently heat in the hands spread the product in the areas and start maneuvering in detail according to the energizing massage protocol.
  3. Enhancing the result: Take two pieces of energy C crystal fiber mask out. Priory applies the piece to the face. Then spread it towards the neck, adapting the placement to an anatomic shape. Leave it for 20 minutes.
  4. Finishing touch: until it gets fully absorbed; massage the content of one dose facial massage cream thoroughly. Complete Energy C brightening treatment by the final application of moisturizing sun protection.
  5. Home pack: The pack is combined with a bottle of energy C intensive cream to continue and maintain the treatment results obtained once the treatment in the clinic is over. The pack helps to sustain the result of Energy C brightening treatment.

Wrinkle Fillers treatments, know more contact Almeka Medical Centre

Injectable wrinkle fillers

can give you a more youthful look for a fraction of what a traditional face lift costs. Most will fill lines and wrinkles in less than 30 minutes with results that can last from 4 months to more than a year. Injectable wrinkle fillers, unlike Botox injections that relax the muscle under a wrinkle, fill the line, crease, or area with one of several different substances. As a result, trouble spots nearly disappear. Continue reading