Some consider black moles beautiful while some find it really ugly on their face. Though it is considered as a beauty mark, some consider moles as something that curtails their beauty. But do not worry or build up your insecurity ‘cause Almeka Medical Center has the best treatment for your black moles on the face. With the laser treatment for black moles on your face, get a mark-free glowing skin which you are proud of and be in the spotlight. You no longer have to worry about your face as Almeka has got it all covered.

Why Almeka?

Almeka Medical Center is a leading skin specialist center with the latest and advanced technologies, providing the best treatment for your skin. With everyone around the world stressing over their looks and skin, it is important to take care of yours. There is a much higher rate of insecurity with people regarding their skin and the looks and that is where Almeka Medical Center plays a vital role. With expert cosmetic dermatologists and innovative technology, Almeka Medical Center guarantees the best skin conditions for you and offers the skin and looks of your dream. Live an insecure free life with Almeka Medical Center.

Treating black moles on the face at Almeka Medical Center

At Almeka, the black mole removal treatment is done using the Co2 laser machine. With single sessions or double sessions, the moles are removed, effectively. Once the treatment is done, the moles completely disappear and within a few days, the skin regains its normal color. Medicines are prescribed for support with no maintenance sessions. Treating your black moles at Almeka guarantees you an insecure free and mark free skin. It is time for you to flaunt your flawless skin.


Pimple Scars? Dead Skin? Here we clear all your scars!

Acne or pimples are formed when the hair follicles of skin plugs with oil or dead cells. This plugged follicle encourages the growth of bacteria and creates red bumps or pus-filled red bumps which are called pimples.

Different forms of Acne or pimples

The normally developing white heads and blackheads are the mild acnes which is a regular visitor while moderate acnes are red inflamed pimples also called papules and the red pimples with white inflammation are the pustules. Sever acnes makes nodules, painful pus-filled cysts or lumps that appear under the skin. Worst forms of acne causes serious scarring due to the nodules which leave permanent scars unlike other acnes.

The pimple scar reduction treatment

The scars caused by acnes always arouse insecurity issues. The destruction of collagen after the inflammation of acnes causes atrophic scars. The therapeutic measures like chemical peeling, dermal fillers, punch techniques, subcision and dermabrasion are performed for rectifying this dermal depression but they gives only sub-optimal results. Almeka introduces ablative laser treatments for pimple scar like Er:YAG lasers or CO2 lasers that creates significant improvements with long term recovery and post-inflammatory hyper-pigmentation.

The latest technique such as micro needling Fractional Radio Frequency (MFR) is clinically proven method for managing the pimple scars without harming the epidermis directly. The device used for MFR functions by liberating radio frequency thermal zones without injuring epidermis. After heating, the MFR process results in long-term dermal remodeling, collagen formation and new elastin. Almeka uses a combination of fractional erbium yag, RF technology, micro needling, subcision, PRP, TCA cross, Dermal fillers and chemical peeling are done to obtain better results. The upper layer of the skin will be removed and the area becomes smooth. You may wait for 3-10 days for a complete healing. You may attend multiple sessions for getting perfect results on pimple scar treatment. The number of sessions will depend upon the skin condition and the nature of pimple scar.

Losing hair for men’s? Time to say bye-bye to hair fall by PRP treatment.

Sever hair loss is the most serious as well as common crisis faced by men nowadays. Hair loss can be caused due to several factors like hereditary, stress, dandruff and majorly due to androgenic alopecia. It can be slowed or reversed with perfect medication but more advanced cases cannot be cured instead hair transplantation will be the only remedy. The active androgens mainly DHT at the dermal papillae of each follicle results in androgenic hair loss. But in the case of adult men, majorly this is caused due to their chronological age having a strong genetic influence. It has androgenic as the primary component and DHT as the major contributor. The increase in age makes androgen stimulate facial hair growth but they are suppressed at temples and scalp vertex. This condition is called androgen paradox. The Platelet Rich Plasma therapy for hair loss consists of certain protocols like the replacement therapy with vitamins, minerals, and amino acids along with minoxidil and 5 alpha reductase inhibitors.

How the platelet-rich plasma therapy for hair loss creates natural looking?

The treatment is done by injecting your own Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) into your scalp using a needle. Rests of the works are undertaken by the growth factors in your blood cells that finally stimulates the hair growth. The Platelet Rich Plasma therapy for hair loss is suitable for both men and women. It is non-surgical and a totally natural attempt for treating hair loss. It is an alternative medical procedure that can treat hair thinning. This injectable treatment which uses the patient’s own blood is completely safe and does not harm your body. It has a quick recovery period and gives you an immediate natural look as well.

Easily remove any permanent tattoo by our safest laser treatment!

Regretting your tattoo or having a bad memory that you would like to take off? Do not stress much! The laser tattoo removal services offered by Almeka Medical Centre assures you the removal of your permanent tattoo safely and easily.

Tattooing has become a very common thing in the present day and almost half of the population comes up with new tattoos every time. But there are instances where they do not like it or finds the tattoo not worth it. But since it is a permanent mark, it can make them sad, depressed or even aggressive.

Why Almeka?

Almeka is a leading skin treatment clinic that provides numerous skin treatments to assure a glowing and radiant skin for its patients. With specialized doctors, experts and advanced technology in the field, Alemka offers top class skin treatment services. The Q- switched Nd YAG laser removal treatment in Almeka Medical Centre gives you a clean and clear skin.

Laser tattoo removal services

With the Q- switched Nd YAG lasers at Almeka Medical Centre, the tattoos can be removed and within a few days the skin will become clear of ink and will be clean and smooth. For some cases, additional sittings may be required( depends on the tattoo).

At the Almeka Medical Centre, get the best treatment for removing your tattoo and having clear skin. You can choose to get a new tattoo or just live without one; Almeka is always at your service. The laser tattoo removal services at Almeka Centre helps in the clean removal of permanent tattoos that assures you a greater relief. Say goodbye to the tattoos you dislike and get yourself a better one or keep your skin free of tattoos; all you need is to take up the laser tattoo removal treatment at Almeka Medical Centre.

Afraid of the sebaceous cyst? AMC provides a solution for this!

sebaceous cyst bothering you? Get it treated at Almeka Medical Center. A sebaceous cyst is an oily like small bump or lump that forms on the skin. These cysts grow very slowly and are not irritating but can get infected if the skin gets tender, sore or red. Rubbing off the cyst purposefully or accidentally can also cause irritation. Keratin is secreted from the sac. At Almeka, say goodbye to all your irritations by taking the sebaceous cyst treatment.

Almeka Medical Center is a full-fledged skin treatment centre with the latest technological advancements and a team of specialists and experts. We provide you with the solutions you need for perfect skin and relieve you from all the insecurities and irritations caused due to skin issues. With
Almeka Medical Center, ensure healthy skin for a happy life.

Causes of sebaceous cyst

A sebaceous cyst can be caused by swollen hair follicles or blocked glands in the skin. Trauma to the skin is also a cause of sebaceous cyst. In some cases, the cyst is inherited. Get to Almeka to know more about the cyst and get it treated easily.

Treatment of sebaceous cyst at Almeka Medical Center

The lesion is treated by applying antiseptic cream for around 45-50 minutes. The cheesy material is drained out of the sac or lump my making a small incision. After this process, the sac is completely removed. The wound heals in a few days. Sebaceous cyst treatment does not require maintenance.

Once the treatment is done, you do not have to worry. There won’t be any reoccurrences. Almeka provides the best treatment for the sebaceous cyst. With Almeka, say goodbye to all the skin problems that you are worried about. We have got the best solutions and treatments to give you better skin.