Beautify your folds & curves using our Dermal Filler Treatment.

Are you too conscious about the strange looks caused by shapeless lips, smile lines, and nasolabial fold? We have the perfect solution for this kind of unusual folding and curves in your face. The Dermal filler treatment offered by Almeka medical center uses dermal fillers of biodegradable nature that is not harmful. The Dermal filler treatment is performed by injecting Hyaluronic acid to the intra-dermal spots where the correction of lips or folds needs to be done. Being the best solution for folds and curves, dermal filler treatment gives immediate results which can be enhanced by further corrections in the following weeks. The fillers injected are highly effective as the benefit of first set treatment will last for 12 -18 months and you will be offered repeat treatment after that period.

The Dermal filler treatment basically functions by replacing the collagen that is lost by skin damages and natural aging processes. This smoothes the wrinkles and tightens your skin.

 The Dermal Filler Treatment is usually used for correcting the following imperfections:

  • Smile lines
  • Nasolabial folds
  • Tear tough
  • Lip enhancement

The dermal fillers are used to make a series of injections to the areas that are needed to be enhanced. The treatment takes 15-20 minutes normally according to the area which needs to be treated. Just after the treatment, you may feel aching which is an absolutely normal phenomenon that will be passed within hours. The cost of dermal filler is determined by different factors like the technologies used in the treatment. For example, there are various laser treatment machines with various technologies of price ranging from 5 lakhs to 80 lakhs for laser hair removal. Almeka uses top-notch technologies for better treatment.




Paining corns? No worries!

Can’t bear the scorching pain of corns? Getting hard to properly work or press your feet because of plantar warts? Do not grieve more! Almeka Medical Center assures you a pain-free time. Walking, dancing, workouts, almost everything in our daily life require the use of our feet and having corns really causes a tough time. But with Almeka, you can get rid of your corns easily with our corn treatment.

What is a corn?

Corn is a thickened skin that occurs on the top or sides of a toe and is caused by pressure or friction. It is mostly formed due to shoes that do not fit properly. Plantar warts or corns are caused by HPV (human papillomavirus) and are really painful.

The procedure of corn treatment at Almeka

The corn treatment at Almeka guarantees the removal of corns through laser treatment, making your life easier and more comfortable. Almeka uses Co2 laser and Nd YAG laser for the corn removal treatment. The plantar warts are dressed using highly concentrated salicylic acid for decreasing the intensity and size of the corn. This is done every third day until the corn becomes thin and lean enough to perform the laser treatment. It is then removed by the Co2 or Nd YAG laser.

Why choose Almeka?

Laser treatment for corn removal at Almeka Medical Centre is effective and brings out great results even for hard to treat cases.  Regular maintenance is not required once the laser treatment is done, as it completely cures warts and the lesions are recovered fully. Get the best treatment for wart removal from Almeka Medical Centre for a playful time. You can bid goodbye to all the worries and pain. Walk, dance, step up, sweat and train hard, do all of it! The corns are no longer going to trouble your habits and hobbies. Almeka has got it all covered.

Forget the clumsiness of all type of acne!

Pimples and acnes are the worst nightmares. Insecurities keep building when pimples and acne cover you up. Many even find it really hard to get outside and see the world. It is really a heartbreak when you have pimples and acne. Sometimes, people can also be hurting. Itching and irritation also take place. Some pimples or acnes may even break and bleed. It becomes a big mess and you start getting black marks on the skin. In total, acnes and pimples really give a hard time. But do not worry; Almeka Medical Centre has got the best acne removal treatment. Almeka offers a great treatment for all your skin problems.

Causes of Acne or Pimples

  • Hormonal changes
  • Stress or Pressure
  • Food habits ( oily, greasy, fried or junk foods)
  • Dirt or Pollution
  • Drugs
  • Heredity
  • Occupational or Working conditions ( if working in an industrial background)
  • Cosmetics

Acne Removal Treatment at Almeka Medical Centre

All the stages of pimples are treated at Almeka- mild, moderate, modular. The treatment here involves the use of regular face wash containing 2% salicylic acid, salicylic peeling, sunscreen lotion, pulse therapy antibiotics, oral isotretinoin, and Nd YAG Laser treatment. Get yourself a glowing skin after your acne removal treatment at Almeka.

Almeka provides great care and the right treatment for the patients. With a team of experts and specialists, Almeka Medical Centre guarantees a glowing, young radiant skin for you. You can bid goodbye to all your insecurities and worries regarding the acne and pimples and every other skin issue that bothers you. With Almeka, make sure that you are confident enough to flaunt your beauty as Almeka gives you a healthy and beautiful skin for a happy life.

Are you worried about your scars? We offer you the RF technology! [RF fractional for scars]

Scars are disliked by everyone, alike. Do not worry anymore! Almeka strikes with the RF technology for the removal of scars to keep your skin smooth and radiant.

Having scars make a lot of people shy and turn them to introverts. They almost hide. It curtails and confidence and people start questioning their own beauty and looks. Scars can even sometimes keep people away from us- they find it odd or scary. This leads to decreased social activities and increased chances of bullying. Having scars always leads to lack of confidence in showing up or doing things. This lack of confidence in them leads to being less successful in finding a job. In other words, scars severely affect everyday life.

Treatment for scars at Almeka Medical Centre

With Almeka Medical Centre, get the best treatment for removing scars. The e-Two sublative machine from Syneron Israel with radio frequency technology is used for the treatment. The machine obtains FDA and CE approval for mild to moderate wrinkles in the face and neck, stretch marks, acne marks, dyschromia and poor skin texture. With minimized dermal disruption in the dermal zone, a desired maximized impact is created. The sublative Rejuvenation- with low epidermal disruption, fractional RF energy is delivered to the skin with a high dermal impact.  This helps in achieving a greater compact and finely organized younger dermal matrix. With a homogenous epidermis, a smooth and soft skin surface is obtained.

It is time to bid goodbye to what holds you back. With Almeka Medical Centre, get the best treatment for your skin to remove scars. You no longer have to hide or feel insecure about your looks. With Almeka, you can shine brightly with a radiant skin.

Beauty at risk? AMC provides you Face Rejuvenation

Face rejuvenation has been a highly demanded treatment as people always crave for excess and eternal beauty. Almeka Medical center provides diverse treatment methods that solve almost every facial problem like acne, scars, patches, wrinkles, hair removal etc. Every problem is treated here with the most recent methods of treatment. AMC has a solution for every skin problems you face in your daily life.

We provide different approaches and methods according to the needs and requirements of the customer:

  • Oxypeel with Puruvex peel ( combination of 40% Pyruvic acid and 10% Lactic acid)

Here the peel treatment with six sessions is continued once in every three weeks.

  • Radiofrequency fractional

The treatment is conducted every month of six sessions with E-two RF fractional machine. The treatment covers the full face.

  • Ia1-system and Ia1-system ACP

The treatment uses autocross linked Hyaluronic acid. It is done by injections on the full face. 2or 3 sessions of treatment are done according to the skin conditions.


Made from mesoestetic Spain, it is completely applied on the full face and leave it for 8-10 hours. It is should be maintained in the home by COSMELAN 2.

How to identify whether you need face rejuvenation?

You have to do the mirror test to identify whether you need face rejuvenation. Stand in front of a mirror and observe your face and features. Decide yourself about the changes you need to make in your face first.

You may undergo face rejuvenation only if you are in good health condition psychologically, physically and mentally.  If you decide to undergo plastic surgery, you have to keep your body and immune system in order to avoid complications. Facial rejuvenation is an ideal way if you desire for a complete face transformation for bringing out a stunning look.