Forget the clumsiness of all type of acne!

Pimples and acnes are the worst nightmares. Insecurities keep building when pimples and acne cover you up. Many even find it really hard to get outside and see the world. It is really a heartbreak when you have pimples and acne. Sometimes, people can also be hurting. Itching and irritation also take place. Some pimples or acnes may even break and bleed. It becomes a big mess and you start getting black marks on the skin. In total, acnes and pimples really give a hard time. But do not worry; Almeka Medical Centre has got the best acne removal treatment. Almeka offers a great treatment for all your skin problems.

Causes of Acne or Pimples

  • Hormonal changes
  • Stress or Pressure
  • Food habits ( oily, greasy, fried or junk foods)
  • Dirt or Pollution
  • Drugs
  • Heredity
  • Occupational or Working conditions ( if working in an industrial background)
  • Cosmetics

Acne Removal Treatment at Almeka Medical Centre

All the stages of pimples are treated at Almeka- mild, moderate, modular. The treatment here involves the use of regular face wash containing 2% salicylic acid, salicylic peeling, sunscreen lotion, pulse therapy antibiotics, oral isotretinoin, and Nd YAG Laser treatment. Get yourself a glowing skin after your acne removal treatment at Almeka.

Almeka provides great care and the right treatment for the patients. With a team of experts and specialists, Almeka Medical Centre guarantees a glowing, young radiant skin for you. You can bid goodbye to all your insecurities and worries regarding the acne and pimples and every other skin issue that bothers you. With Almeka, make sure that you are confident enough to flaunt your beauty as Almeka gives you a healthy and beautiful skin for a happy life.

Remodel your skin with the peel you like!

Unhappy and bothered about the skin troubles that has dulled your face or cause acne and other scars? Reveal your true skin at Almeka Medical Centre with our chemical peeling. Chemical peeling is the remodeling of the skin by the application of chemical agents of a certain strength.

Why Chemical Peeling

Chemical peeling treats acne, wrinkles, pigmentation, and also enhances the overall appearance and complexion of the skin. Almeka guarantees to meet your expectations and deliver happiness through our expertise service.

Types of Chemical Peels at Almeka

Almeka Medical Centre has superficial peels and medium depth peels. Superficial peels available at Almeka are:

  • Glycolic peel – All purpose peel
  • Salicylic peel – Antibacterial
  • Keratolytic peel –  Pimple prone skin
  • Mandelic peel – Oily and pigmented skin
  • Lactic peel- Dry and sensitive skin

Medium peel at Almeka is Trichloroacetic peel for Acanthosis nigricans, Xanthelasma etc.

More about Chemical Peeling

Chemical peeling is the process of resurfacing and regenerating the skin by causing a controlled wound. Collagen remodelling is induced by removing the top skin layers. This improves ane scars, sun-damaged skin, wrinkles, skin pigmentation, and the texture of the skin. The depth of the recovery is determined by the strength of the chemical peel.  With a longer recovery period, the improvements to the skin will be greater.

The process of Chemical Peeling

The peeling is performed by specialised doctors who are experts in the field of skin care. The skin is cleansed thoroughly and the eyes are kept closed and covered. Chemical peel solution along with a number of serums to aid the skin is applied on the face. The comfort level of the patient is ensured throughout the procedure and the neutralization is also maintained. The recovery process involves using aiding serums. The procedure is completed by placing a soothing balm and sunscreen on the face.

Get the best chemical peeling for your skin at Almeka Medical Center for a young, vibrant and healthy skin. Book your specialist, today!

Are you worried about your scars? We offer you the RF technology! [RF fractional for scars]

Scars are disliked by everyone, alike. Do not worry anymore! Almeka strikes with the RF technology for the removal of scars to keep your skin smooth and radiant.

Having scars make a lot of people shy and turn them to introverts. They almost hide. It curtails and confidence and people start questioning their own beauty and looks. Scars can even sometimes keep people away from us- they find it odd or scary. This leads to decreased social activities and increased chances of bullying. Having scars always leads to lack of confidence in showing up or doing things. This lack of confidence in them leads to being less successful in finding a job. In other words, scars severely affect everyday life.

Treatment for scars at Almeka Medical Centre

With Almeka Medical Centre, get the best treatment for removing scars. The e-Two sublative machine from Syneron Israel with radio frequency technology is used for the treatment. The machine obtains FDA and CE approval for mild to moderate wrinkles in the face and neck, stretch marks, acne marks, dyschromia and poor skin texture. With minimized dermal disruption in the dermal zone, a desired maximized impact is created. The sublative Rejuvenation- with low epidermal disruption, fractional RF energy is delivered to the skin with a high dermal impact.  This helps in achieving a greater compact and finely organized younger dermal matrix. With a homogenous epidermis, a smooth and soft skin surface is obtained.

It is time to bid goodbye to what holds you back. With Almeka Medical Centre, get the best treatment for your skin to remove scars. You no longer have to hide or feel insecure about your looks. With Almeka, you can shine brightly with a radiant skin.

Remove The Stretch Marks And Wear The Crop Top With Confidence!

It is always a hard time when you have stretch marks. You grow a lot insecure and also, worry over too much because you cannot get to wear your favorite crop top or off shoulders due to the stretch marks. Getting concerned about the stretch marks and stressing over it has become common with almost everyone. It is necessary to feel confident and walk around wearing anything you like. Stretch marks keep you shut out from rest of the world and you are no longer carefree. So it is time that you stop worrying about your stretch marks and show yourself some love. We are there for you! With Almeka’s Stretch mark removal treatment, you no longer have to hide.

How the Stretch mark removal treatment is done?

Almeka Medical Centre uses the E-two RF fractional machine for the stretch marks removal treatment. Using this technique, the upper layer of the skin removed. New skin cells are generated in the area. This makes the area looks smooth and fresh like the rest of the body.

You cannot say the difference between the affected and unaffected area, as the treatment will make your skin look perfect. For the best results and accurate skin, you can maintain a few sessions. This is a decision you will never regret.

Get Smooth and Perfect Skin Scientifically

Say goodbye to your stretch marks with Almeka’s stretch mark removal treatment which is scientifically proven for the purpose. Wear the outfit of your choice-shots, crops, off shoulders, anything. With your stretch marks removed, you no longer have to be cautious or insecure.

We guarantee you a smooth and perfect skin. We believe in delivering happiness to our patients and, we assure that you feel great about your body. With Almeka, it is always a perfect skin and a happy life. Insecurities can now burn with your confidence roaring high. Stay carefree!

Beauty at risk? AMC provides you Face Rejuvenation

Face rejuvenation has been a highly demanded treatment as people always crave for excess and eternal beauty. Almeka Medical center provides diverse treatment methods that solve almost every facial problem like acne, scars, patches, wrinkles, hair removal etc. Every problem is treated here with the most recent methods of treatment. AMC has a solution for every skin problems you face in your daily life.

We provide different approaches and methods according to the needs and requirements of the customer:

  • Oxypeel with Puruvex peel ( combination of 40% Pyruvic acid and 10% Lactic acid)

Here the peel treatment with six sessions is continued once in every three weeks.

  • Radiofrequency fractional

The treatment is conducted every month of six sessions with E-two RF fractional machine. The treatment covers the full face.

  • Ia1-system and Ia1-system ACP

The treatment uses autocross linked Hyaluronic acid. It is done by injections on the full face. 2or 3 sessions of treatment are done according to the skin conditions.


Made from mesoestetic Spain, it is completely applied on the full face and leave it for 8-10 hours. It is should be maintained in the home by COSMELAN 2.

How to identify whether you need face rejuvenation?

You have to do the mirror test to identify whether you need face rejuvenation. Stand in front of a mirror and observe your face and features. Decide yourself about the changes you need to make in your face first.

You may undergo face rejuvenation only if you are in good health condition psychologically, physically and mentally.  If you decide to undergo plastic surgery, you have to keep your body and immune system in order to avoid complications. Facial rejuvenation is an ideal way if you desire for a complete face transformation for bringing out a stunning look.

Gleam along with your partner. It’s your day! [Almeka Bride and Groom]

Once the wedding bells are rung all eyes will stick at the very beautiful and charming bride and grooms! It is the most memorable moment in everyone’s life. So being beautiful on that occasion is as important as the event.

Everything revolves around the bride and groom. Hence everything matters including the make-up, costumes, decorations, arrangement, food etc. Moreover that, the important thing they have to make sure is the aesthetic preparation which Almeka Bride and Groom special therapy offer.

There is no need for a great makeover for an excess glow and beauty, other than that both the bride and groom may be facing issues about the clumsiness caused by pimples and scars on their face. Don’t stay back because of your face issues. Get gleam along with your life partner by taking an appointment in Almeka’s Bride and Groom special therapy.

Almeka’s Bride and groom special treatment

We help you to sort out issues like pimples, unwanted hair, acne scars, sun tanning, black moles, darkness, warts etc by providing you with a proper solution for it. Almeka’s Bride and groom special treatment also provide an advanced treatment in order to improve your complete complexion too. Almeka’s bride and groom therapy enhance your skin to glow fairer than before without harming your skin. The couples who wish to try Almeka’s Bride and Groom special therapy are advised to start the skin regime preparation long before your important day. You can start Almeka’s bride and groom special aesthetic preparation, months ahead or a year ahead for attaining extra fresh and charming face which keep you more divine on your special day!

Almeka Medical Centre (AMC) provides you with comprehensive skin care advice and we recommend refer you proper treatment to the bride, groom, and for extended family members as well. Come and attend a free consultation and know more about our packages at an affordable rate. Make your day splendid in every sense.

All the men out there! Tired of excess hairs in the body? AMC has the perfect hair removal solutions

Collared up shirts, buttoned up full sleeves; too much body hair and scared of razor blades? Men don’t feel it easy when they have hair growing too much in their body. Some find it hindering their style while others just find it hard to keep on with it. Almeka Medical Centre comes with a solution for all that. With effective and quality hair removal treatment for men, Almeka Medical Center guarantees a smooth and hair-free time for men at a cost-effective rate.

The ND YAG laser with the homogeneous photo-thermolysis principle is used by Almeka Medical Center for their hair removal treatment.  This principle functions on the basis that the laser energy acts on specific tissue volume homogeneously. In the first go, laser energy affects the cells having a high cellular metabolism that are rapidly dividing. During the period of active stable growth, hair bulbs in the cells are in a higher metabolic condition and are very much sensitive to heat.  While the tissues surrounding it are preserved, the hair follicles are destroyed irreversibly. Competition between the skin and the hair pigment is low because of the low absorption rate of melanin.

Active growing black hair is removed in this treatment. The patient is advised to undergo multiple sittings regularly, as per the specialist’s instructions. With Almeka Medical Centre to help you with your excessive hair growth issues, you no longer have to hide your body behind the fabric and be too conscious about it. The body hair removal treatment for men at Almeka guarantees a smooth skin free of hair, helping you to focus on you to portray your features more. It is time to get rid of the hair that has been bothering you for so long.


Sagged skin pulling you back and making you feel insecure? Do not worry much. With Almeka Medical Center, bid goodbye to all your worries regarding your sagged skin. We got the perfect treatment for tightening your skin. We guarantee you a young and radiant skin and free you from your insecurities.  Our skin tightening treatment helps to remove the wrinkles by tightening the skin and provides a smooth and clear skin. We do not fail to help you overcome your insecurities.

FDA and CE approved skin tightening procedures are used at Almeka Medical Center for skin tightening. We use e- Two sublime machines from Syneron Israel, which has radio frequency. By the age of 40, Collagen (type I and type III) – insoluble fibrous protein in the extracellular matrix which is responsible for the firmness of the young skin gets rapidly reduced due to chlorinated rays, UV rays, smoking free radicals and pollution. This leads to the sagging of the skin.

In the skin tightening treatment at Almeka, new collagen is formed in the sublime procedure. Collagen contracture and denaturation is caused by the heat down the deep dermis. New fibers take over old collagens. These are more compact and better organized. It provides a less wrinkled and smoother skin making you look younger and radiant.

Say goodbye to the days of worrying over the wrinkles and saggy skin. You no longer have to worry about not having the perfect skin or perfect smile or having a very saggy skin. Almeka Medical Center ensures you and your skin a happy life. With the skin tightening treatment, you no longer have to feel insecure about imperfections.  Beat down your insecurities with Almeka Medical Center. Connect with us to have a smooth and young skin and stay radiant. Always!


Regretting the tattoo you are wearing or found it a mistake? Need to remove your tattoo and get rid of anything regarding it? Well, all your worries can be taken care at Almeka Medical Center.  With us, you can get your tattoo removed easily and we ensure that it is definitely going to make you immensely happy. It is time to let go of the regret!

Tattooing has become very common these days and sometimes there happens to be mistaken when it is done. Undoing it is a hard business but with our tattoo removal treatment, you do not have to worry about it. If you want to remove your tattoo to get your new one, we still got your backs.

At Almeka Medical Center, we provide you with the best tattoo removal treatment. We use the Q- switched Nd YAG lasers for tattoo removal at our clinic. Once the tattoo is removed, the area becomes normal within a few days. In some cases, additional sittings might be required for the complete removal and for gaining the normal skin. We ensure a clean and clear skin by removing your tattoo and not even a trace will remain.

Tattooing has become a part of a lifestyle for many and it is considered an important mark in their life. Some do it for fun while some do it as a memory or achievement. At times, some mistakes happen while tattooing which can be a change in a letter or sign or design, which changes the entire meaning of the entire tattoo. There are other situations where one finds that the tattoo doesn’t fit in the position it is done. In such situations, one feels really sad and terrible and the pain they have endured while tattooing also leaves them in a state of sadness. That is why we have come up with the perfect solution for your worries. Almeka will wipe out all your sorrows. Come to us and get your tattoo removed and stay happy.

Correct the ‘best curve’ in a girls’ body- smile confidently! [Dermal filler treatment]

Smile is always referred to the best curve in a girl’s body. But many of us are not completely confident to smile in front of other due to the imperfection of smile. Such imperfections are caused by ageing, skin sagging, skin damage etc. Almeka Medical Centre provides you Dermal filler treatment which is a perfect solution for the smile enhancement and correction. Dermal fillers are purely biodegradable and natural products. Hyaluronic acid is injected into the intra dermal to the area which needs correction. The imbibing of acid results in an immediate effect and the corrections will take place by the following days and weeks. The filler can be reused as they last for about 12 to 18 months. It requires repeat Dermal filler treatment after that period.

Dermal fillers used in Dermal filler treatment works by replacing the collagen which is lost because of skin damage or natural ageing. This replacement gives you and smoothened and tightened skin with wrinkle free.

The common areas for which customers usually go for Dermal Filler treatment are Nasolabial folds, Tear trough, Smile lines and Lip enhancement. The process combines the injecting of series of fillers in to the area needs to be treated. The duration for the treatment will be around 15 -20 minutes normally depending up on the area needs to be treated. You may feel some throbbing immediately after the Dermal filler treatment which is entirely a normal thing and will be cured in the coming hours. The results of the Dermal filler treatment will be immediately visible which will last for about 9-18 months depending up on the condition, nature and other factors of your skin.

Lip enhancement and smile correction increase our confidence to smile freely in front of public. Dermal filler treatment introduced by Almeka Medical Centre is a perfect solution for your incorrect smile curves.