Is your Skin looking aged? Get the best tightening treatment from us!

Glowing and radiant skin is what everyone loves. And it is not something they want in their youth but also throughout their life. Sometimes, having wrinkled skin or aging skin causes mental depression and anxiety in a lot of people and that is why Almeka Medical Centre offers the best skin tightening facial that will keep your skin young and fresh, throughout.

Why choose Almeka?

Almeka Medical Centre is a well-known skin clinic that provides excellent treatment for aesthetic and cosmetic problems. With advanced laser treatments and perfect solutions, Almeka Medical Centre assures a perfect skin for a perfect life.

Skin tightening facial

The skin tightening treatment at Almeka Medical Centre treats the aging skin. E-Two sublime machines are used for the skin tightening treatment at Almeka. The sagging of the skin is caused by the rapid reduction in the Collagen type I and Collagen type II insoluble fibers. This fibrous protein in the extracellular matrix keeps the skin firm.  The reduction occurs over time due to free radicals, UV rays, chlorinated water, pollution, and smoking.

Under the skin tightening treatment in Almek, the sagging of the skin is reduced by the sublime procedure.  The deep dermis is heated down and thus the collagen undergoes contracture and denaturation. This leads to the formation of new collagen. The old collagens are replaced with new fibers. This gives the skin a smoother appearance. The skin tightening facial gives you a less wrinkled skin with radiant looks

With Alemka Medical Centre, do not worry about your looks. We have got the complete solutions to all your issues and we assure you an insecure free life with the best laser treatments that will not only give you greater looks but will also boost your confidence.



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