Are you worried about your scars? We offer you the RF technology! [RF fractional for scars]

Scars are disliked by everyone, alike. Do not worry anymore! Almeka strikes with the RF technology for the removal of scars to keep your skin smooth and radiant.

Having scars make a lot of people shy and turn them to introverts. They almost hide. It curtails and confidence and people start questioning their own beauty and looks. Scars can even sometimes keep people away from us- they find it odd or scary. This leads to decreased social activities and increased chances of bullying. Having scars always leads to lack of confidence in showing up or doing things. This lack of confidence in them leads to being less successful in finding a job. In other words, scars severely affect everyday life.

Treatment for scars at Almeka Medical Centre

With Almeka Medical Centre, get the best treatment for removing scars. The e-Two sublative machine from Syneron Israel with radio frequency technology is used for the treatment. The machine obtains FDA and CE approval for mild to moderate wrinkles in the face and neck, stretch marks, acne marks, dyschromia and poor skin texture. With minimized dermal disruption in the dermal zone, a desired maximized impact is created. The sublative Rejuvenation- with low epidermal disruption, fractional RF energy is delivered to the skin with a high dermal impact.  This helps in achieving a greater compact and finely organized younger dermal matrix. With a homogenous epidermis, a smooth and soft skin surface is obtained.

It is time to bid goodbye to what holds you back. With Almeka Medical Centre, get the best treatment for your skin to remove scars. You no longer have to hide or feel insecure about your looks. With Almeka, you can shine brightly with a radiant skin.


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