All the men out there! Tired of excess hairs in the body? AMC has the perfect hair removal solutions

Collared up shirts, buttoned up full sleeves; too much body hair and scared of razor blades? Men don’t feel it easy when they have hair growing too much in their body. Some find it hindering their style while others just find it hard to keep on with it. Almeka Medical Centre comes with a solution for all that. With effective and quality hair removal treatment for men, Almeka Medical Center guarantees a smooth and hair-free time for men at a cost-effective rate.

The ND YAG laser with the homogeneous photo-thermolysis principle is used by Almeka Medical Center for their hair removal treatment.  This principle functions on the basis that the laser energy acts on specific tissue volume homogeneously. In the first go, laser energy affects the cells having a high cellular metabolism that are rapidly dividing. During the period of active stable growth, hair bulbs in the cells are in a higher metabolic condition and are very much sensitive to heat.  While the tissues surrounding it are preserved, the hair follicles are destroyed irreversibly. Competition between the skin and the hair pigment is low because of the low absorption rate of melanin.

Active growing black hair is removed in this treatment. The patient is advised to undergo multiple sittings regularly, as per the specialist’s instructions. With Almeka Medical Centre to help you with your excessive hair growth issues, you no longer have to hide your body behind the fabric and be too conscious about it. The body hair removal treatment for men at Almeka guarantees a smooth skin free of hair, helping you to focus on you to portray your features more. It is time to get rid of the hair that has been bothering you for so long.


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