Correct the ‘best curve’ in a girls’ body- smile confidently! [Dermal filler treatment]

Smile is always referred to the best curve in a girl’s body. But many of us are not completely confident to smile in front of other due to the imperfection of smile. Such imperfections are caused by ageing, skin sagging, skin damage etc. Almeka Medical Centre provides you Dermal filler treatment which is a perfect solution for the smile enhancement and correction. Dermal fillers are purely biodegradable and natural products. Hyaluronic acid is injected into the intra dermal to the area which needs correction. The imbibing of acid results in an immediate effect and the corrections will take place by the following days and weeks. The filler can be reused as they last for about 12 to 18 months. It requires repeat Dermal filler treatment after that period.

Dermal fillers used in Dermal filler treatment works by replacing the collagen which is lost because of skin damage or natural ageing. This replacement gives you and smoothened and tightened skin with wrinkle free.

The common areas for which customers usually go for Dermal Filler treatment are Nasolabial folds, Tear trough, Smile lines and Lip enhancement. The process combines the injecting of series of fillers in to the area needs to be treated. The duration for the treatment will be around 15 -20 minutes normally depending up on the area needs to be treated. You may feel some throbbing immediately after the Dermal filler treatment which is entirely a normal thing and will be cured in the coming hours. The results of the Dermal filler treatment will be immediately visible which will last for about 9-18 months depending up on the condition, nature and other factors of your skin.

Lip enhancement and smile correction increase our confidence to smile freely in front of public. Dermal filler treatment introduced by Almeka Medical Centre is a perfect solution for your incorrect smile curves.


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